Monday, February 9, 2009

What went thru my head @ 11:53pm

Sometime I wish I could find a girl who's never had a boyfriend
never been hurt in the past
never caught feelings for another "love" before me
or plainly...jus knew how to move on
why is it so easy for dudes to get over the past, but it takes girls lifetimes when the "claim" they're over it && on to the next route
You claim what you have now is oh so good, but every little thing I do, it reminds you of WTF?
no problem that you && him talk cuz you'll "always have feelings for him"..but don't you think that it bothers your NEW "boyfriend" that you always seem to miss him after yall talk, or he can make you mad when ever he feels like it
Sometimes I just wish I could be single..have the freedom to do what I wanted to do..&& not catch feelings for any girl...but I want the ride or die girl..that girl who can let the past be the past the same way I can..know when she has something good && not let the previous fuck ups get to her
hopefully I find this girl sometime soon because my heart is turning cold && I will not allow to much more heartache
I don't want to turn into that guy that has the bad rep with girls..I love girls too much to have a bad name w/ em...

I'm following my for me...keeping fam close && god even closer
I've been bullin for waaayyy too long
actually listen to the few influential people around me && get to the good life

please excuse just venting...

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[.roxie.] =Þ said...

vent some more because i like it.