Sunday, January 25, 2009

What if...

Barack Obama was a republican...would YOU have still voted for him just because of his race??
- was an undercover terrorist ??
- he was a few shades darker??

money COULD buy happiness && dreams ??

our legs bent the opposite way ??

male && female genes/horomones were switched ??
Ex: Men had boobs, "donk", gave birth,etc...
&& women had..well, you get the picture

you found out that the "higher power" that you worshiped wasn't real ?

movies/songs didn't influence peoples state of mind
Ex : Because of Beyonce, Boosie && Ne-yo... girls (85% hoodrats) think they are "independent" ?
Since the movie [ Notorious ] dropped, every dark-skinned/light-skinned couple is ALL OF A SUDDEN Biggie && Faith??
Dudes think you need BRICKS...ALL WHITE BRICKS...OFF WHITE BRICKS...or any other color "brick" in order to have a "bad b*tch" ??

text messaging was never created ??

everyone was given 3 wishes at birth && had a lifetime to grant them ??

everyone had their priorities together ??

Don't mind me..I'm just venting...Just a few of the MANY thoughts that came across my mind today

1 comment:

Austin Marie said...

yes i wouldve still voted for him

omg !! u hit the nail on the head about the hip hop influences !!

i wouldnt even want a cell phone if textin was nvr created !!

3 wishes..?? ppl would take them for granted and just wish for $$
-id wish for :: life,happiness,and YOU !!! ;)