Friday, January 9, 2009

That Girl...

{ Currently Spinnin'} IceRogerZ-Head 2 the sky

Have you ever seen her?

Maybe not...she's too perfect to set foot on this faulty area we call Earth
Or..maybe you had, but couldn't handle her..

I've come across so many agonizing headaches, whom some tend to refer to as females, that she seems to be the only Tylenol available

No matter the weather outside, her voice can brighten the darkest of days

Her love feels better than putting on those fresh pair of sb's, straight out the box, for the first time

Her kisses make life feel like its worth living..and you never want that moment to die

Just the anticipation of her presence often makes my heart skip a beat

...but once her touch is upon me, my internal emotions feel like fireworks on the 4th of July
just burstin with enchantment, but trying to keep composure of my outer, physical emotions....

...but like all good things, that dream always comes to an end

I can't wait to go back to sleep to dream about her all over again

Kanye may dream about his "mama"

but I use sleep to get away from this crazy world of stress

&& as I lay down, it feels like I'm laying next to Mary J because her dreams bring me no more drama

"I often dream of you when I wake no longer two..."
{...>>>Lyrics by: YungStar AJ <<<...}

I wish this girl could walk with me as I go on my day-to-day

&& we would have one eye so we would always see things the same way

Hopefully, maybe one day, "that girl" will become the reality that I always dream && "I Love You" wouldn't be the 3 words I'd be afraid to say!

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