Thursday, January 15, 2009

She Can't Be Real...

{ Currently Spinnin - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill }

I met this girl...

We crossed paths a while back.. never really noticed each other though
Well, when she was looking my way I was looking somewhere else..
& vice versa, we see eye-2-eye

The more I look at her..the more appealing she is

Its crazy because she's ( brace yourself)
damn near...PERFECT !
Perfect??...Yeah, perfect !

Some would say that no one is perfect..&& that's why YOU wouldn't understand H.E.R.

She's nothing like any other girl that I've ever came across

It actually feels good when she comes around...

Her vibe rubs off on you && just puts you in a good mood Did I mention she was into Hov && sneakers?!..INSTANT erection ! (LoL)

She has this crazy thing she does with her eyes that can make the strongest person weak in the knees

She speaks this foreign language.. I think its called TRUTH or something like that.. I've heard of it before , but I never seem to find girls who speak it

Her body moves so gracefully..whether she's in kicks or heels ( Oh I love a woman in heels! )

Ahh man..I almost forgot When you get in the whip...&& BANG the new IceRogerZ joint... She doesn't complain...( nope..not even a little bit ) She bobs her head to the 808's..& its like the cutest thing to me

She's MADD different, but at the same time, she reminds me of...Mom Dukes?!

Her thoughts...words...actions...are all 100% genuine

She told me the small things make her the happiest Yeah, the small things...In "Girl language", usually mean... Jewelry...Clothes...Money...etc...

NOPE!..Not with her ! All she wants is a friend.. A comforter... A listening ear... A shoulder to cry on... Someone who makes her smile til her cheeks hurt... A person who's going to love her unconditionally

Wait?? So there's no money involved?? There's no WAY she could be real

You may have seen this girl before, but didn't know what to do with her Honestly, I can't blame you because I don't know what to do with her I've seen girls like her, but they were usually in my dreams

I need to think of a plan sooner than later because this dose of reality seems to be the blessing I've been praying for...


Austin Marie said...

sounds like a keeper... !

Black said...

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