Monday, January 12, 2009

Relationship Playground

As we work all day to build towards a brighter future, RECESS always tends to roll around

Her mood SWINGS back && fourth out of control

Why can't things just be constant?

I try to make our forward progression as smooth as possible,
but we seem to stumble with every movement down the MONKEY BARS

We're able to make it to the other side where a better life awaits us

And, lets not forget about the POPSICLE MAN
Thats one mu'fucka I can't stand

He goes out of his way to get to you
Can't you see past the temptation
Once another sale comes
He's going to up and leave just like the last dude

Why can't we just SLIDE through life like they do on tv?

all happy-n-iish...
One minute"I Love You Honey"
Next, "Man, F*** That B****"

We ride unstable SEE SAWS, eating honey buns

Only to end up in the same ol SAND BOX
Now we're back at square one

Things may not be grade A between us everyday
but hopefully we make it back to the blackboard
before she starts giving her LUNCH away

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