Monday, March 8, 2010

Who's House ?

I never thought I'd say this, but...Diggy Simmons is my role model! LoL Ok, maybe not in 4real life, but this kid is making BIG moves to only be 14. On Friday he TwitPic'd a picture of his upcoming sneakers from his OWN brand "Chivalrous Culture." His "Just The Beginning-Over Freestyle" had the internet going nuts on Friday too. In my opinion, he's the most talented Simmons kid--Angela is the cutest though ;-) But if you look at the people around him, he has no other choice but to be successful; His dad is Rev Run, his uncle is Russell Simmons, his mentor is Pharrell and even his two older sisters are doing their thing with the Pastry brand. He can't lose! Remember: If you surround yourself with great people, you have no other choice but to be great yourself.

Chivalrous Culture sneakers coming soon !

Listen to "Just The Beginning" HERE

Can we get a new season of Run's House ??

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J.Phly The Phly Guy said...

True shit man he def. making moves