Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Went Thru My Head...

Loving her is a battle

She's really a beautiful nightmare

Love HER...her presence, but not her actions

Heartache comes daily

So do the joys of hearing her voice

Where do I go from here ?

Love feels like a mistake, but leaving seems like an even bigger one

I know she needs me, but it doesn't show all the time

I stay up all night thinking...

What we are..
What we used to be..
What we couldve been..

Nothing's the same

...On the love tredmile...

Going nowhere, but still losing energy along the way

The first two steps of letting go are the hardest..

Convincing yourself to let go..
Then following thru with the plan

Once the trust is gone, what's left ?

A lot of 50/50 emotion

How could I love so good and feel so bad ?

Never again

Falling in love feels like the biggest set up for failure

...I miss being TRULY loved
by you

Back when you got butterflies...

I'm tired of being fooled by your words..

Your actions..ugh !

I want someone who's right for me..

But I'm scared when she comes, I won't give her the love she deserves..

The love I possess deep down inside..

How can I start to love again when its hard to trust the feeling of falling..?

I wish I never met her..

Don't mind me..I'm just venting..


-Nesreen- said...

I Like This.

IceRogerZ said...

I respect a woman but this chick is craZy ..
This chick is crazayy /
this chick is kraaaazzeyyy/
I respect a woman , but this chick is crazy .

& she don't even no ..

Lo said...

i know theee feeelingggggg

la.leche said...

I like. I can't believe a guy wrote this.

Zeus said...

Damn bro this is real talk...I feel exactly the same way about my ex....

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