Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Incidental Expectations

Old, but relevant...Just read it

I know that I am a lot of things and I fit into a lot of categories, but lately I feel that I've been placed in the wrong category....Just Another Nigga!

The solo stuff is not for me

I've never been the player type, so the freedom to do whatever really does not play a factor in my lifestyle

Don't get me wrong, it's cool when those tempting moments come around with the girl you've always had speculations about, but honestly, those moments don't come around too often

I want that one girl that is always going to be in my corner whether I'm right or wrong

Its a necesity to have that one girl who actually likes me for me, and not all of the flyy materialistic objects that I possess

Golddiggers will definitely see the door quicker

Well, there was this one girl


I guess she's been hurt one too many times in the past, and I guess I just had to be the lucky one to suffer the consequences of not being able to hold the title because she's too afraid of the break up

...but if she only knew

I've been through my share of tough times, and I can understand protecting your heart from being smashed again, but maybe she doesn't trust the fact that I'm a better man

I tried my best to treat her with RESPECT...and actually be nice to her, but I guess that categorizes me as a punk huh?

I feel she is one of the best people in the world

she has a smile that can light up any dark place on earth

She's just so beautiful that sometimes its her face I'd rather see than my own looking back at me when I look into a mirror

I guess that goes in one ear and out the other since she's heard that so many times from males who suffer from "bitchassness"

...but if she only knew

I just want the equal opportunity, minus the pity

I sit around and envision myself as PERFECT
but maybe she sees my many flaws

I apologize for sending her flowers
just because I knew they would bring a smile to her face
...but maybe they weren't good enough

I try to look my best whenever I'm around her...nice, crispy shirt...jeans with a crease..fresh haircut
I even try to keep my body ripped so my total appearance is A1 no matter what the perspective may be
...but I guess it doesn't look good enough

Maybe me not having a pocket full of doooooooouuuuuuugh to be extravagant with at the malls isn't what she is looking for

I'm sorry for wanting to actually spend quality one-on-one time with her, instead of going to the club

Maybe it irritated her when I would drive to the complete opposite side of the city just to see her for a few minutes to get my weekly dose of her

Well I want to aplogize in advance if I start to not be there as much as I used to...just to be used as a doormat until the next dude with "bitchassness"comes along

I can't help the fact that you can't accept me for who I really am..for being the best thing to ever come past you...for being everything that you ever wanted out of a significant other...maybe I'm something you can't handle since you've never encountered something so compelling

I guess you didn't know what to do when I told you I loved you, and truly meant it...never felt that before have you?

Maybe I should apologize for actually caring...???

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