Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I got a big--Uh Uh Um--Ego !

In celebration of Oprah’s 55th Birthday, the multi-billionaire is taking her whole Harpo staff and their families on a 10-day Mediterranean cruise. Winfey will be hosting a 3-day party in Barcelona, Spain to commemorate the special occasion. According to The Chicago Sun-Times, Oprah is covering expensive ranging from transportation, food, drinks and activities at port stops. Oprah and her staff are set to travel to Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Malta. Chicago-based ‘Best Travel’ says, a cruise like the one Winfrey is taking her staff on costs about $5,400 a person. In 2005, Winfrey celebrated the end of her “Wildest Dreams” season by surprising her staff with an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii.

First she bought the whole country chicken, now she's taking an ENTIRE staff on a cruise?! Arab money is sooo last season. New trend--We gettin Oprah moneeeey !


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Treasure said...

LOL @ "Gettin Oprah money" but umm hell yeah, where do I sign up to do that? lol