Thursday, May 7, 2009

June Decisions

Everyone knows that Hov is the GREATEST..period!
I support everything he does, but this is going to be one tough decision
Jay, along with the rest of the Rocawear camp, drop the R+Evolution kicks on June 1

BUT...bay bro Kanye West drops the Yeezy's on June 6th



RYAN HUTCH said...

I can never rock Yeezys ... mainly because I dont like the design ( I see all shoes in a size 13 vision )... but the R+??? MAAAAAAANNNNN, I must get em. I hate the white bottom tho


Mr. Fresh Daily said...

Thats a BIG vision bro ! LoL
But I might have to cop the R+'s too..I don't like camping so I'll just take an L on the Yeezy's