Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I got a mortgage payment on my finger

I've seen a wide variety of rings but none quite as arresting as the dream house rings from Philippe Tournaire. The rings are miniatures of actual buildings rendered in 18-karat gold and platinum rings. The brand which has a boutique in Paris is bringing its creations to the U.S. The Villa de Reve collection of rings may not be the most wearable pieces I've ever seen but who can argue with this level of craft. The brand will also make custom pieces, tiny metal and gemstone versions of private homes for clients. The ring shown above is the Maison Lafitte.


Hippoleetoe said...

wow .. attention to detail is pretty amazing !

Now you can "watch" your "house" wherever you go .. lmao
lame comment haha

dreamkid6 said...

Damn these are some dope ass rings I want one haha.

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