Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Heart: The Gift & The Curse

I think I've had my fair share of REAL relationships ( I was never the type to jump into relationships just because I needed a "summer/winter boo" )

I was taught to treat girls with respect...make them smile && keep them smiling until their cheeks hurt.

Tell a girl my true feelings && say them with sincerity.

Don't judge others && accept them for who they matter their imperfections because you're not perfect yourself.

I was always into doing the little "romantic" things for my significant other ( When you get creative, some of that stuff can be really dope ! )

This word is starting to become cliche', Thanx Fonzworth, but I was brought up to be the perfect gentleman. the saying goes, nice guys finish last.

I'm not a pretentious nor arrogant individual, but the select few females who have had the honor of being called my "Boo Thang" have told me that I was the best boyfriend they've ever had && that it wouldn't get any better than me. ( I felt proud after the first time I heard my mother had done a good job of raising me the right way )...but in the end they've all cheated.


Liars are the best cheaters so who can I trust?

I must be doing something wrong, right?

Why is it that the genuinely good dudes...the ones every girl dreams about being with...always ends up losing in the end?

I guess females get so used to the fact that the male species only consists of " Low down dirty dogs "...&& once they find one who is really worth something, they don't know how to handle something so compelling.

When will the day come where I'll finally be taken seriously, instead of for granted?

Side note: When I looked outside of bf/gf relationships, I realized that people don't appreciate each other these days. Just think about it..What was the last nice thing you did for someone that you care about? The world is too self-centered; Just a thought, now back to your regular scheduled programming...

Ray Ban needs to create an essential pair of 3-D wayfarers.

With these frames, dudes would be able to see through females && have the ability to separate the real from the normal.

If the real could recognize the real, a lot of females would be Jane Doe.

Please excuse me, I'm just venting...

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dannie said...

i really like this blog ; i wish i could tell the real from the fake , but hey we make mistakes to learn the right way to do things ! but not only do the nice boys finish last so do the nice girls too =/ !