Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Make Mama Proud !

Mother's Day is right around the corner && I know how much my mother loves bags ( Just like every other female on this planet ) but this bag SCREAMS my mothers name ! She likes Tory Burch because of the designs..I like Tory Burch because of the dope crest ! Tis bag is a great gift idea, if your mom is into these sorts of thing !

Sidenote : Something tells me that this bag just might became a staple summer piece for the syditty women of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority Inc.

Tory Burch Printed Tory Tote


Treasure said...

LOL yup...1st thing that came 2 mind when I saw the bag was "The AKA's are gonna go craaazy over it" lol...Anyway I'm actually not all that into bags... I'm more of a shoe freak. *shrugs* but hey, to each his/ her own.

shaunice small said...

i love your blog..buh i was thinkin bout jus gettin my mom a candle for mothers day..hahaha..

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