Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lawd Have Mercy !

KING closes their chapters with a BANG !
( For those who don't know, Tahiry is Joe Buddens girl ! )
I watch Joe Budden TV just to see her...Don't judge me, you watch it for the same reason !

My favorite JoeBuddenTV "episode" - Floating Booty


Hippoleetoe said...

lol .. she's pretty hot

Laur said...

I think I got a female crush.


no homo.


Mr. Fresh Daily said...

LoL Budden'z got a BADD one !

CT said...

damnnnnnn, i would forget about coming out with a album too if i was smashing that out.

Hippoleetoe said...

Thanks for the love ! lol
You're blog is pretty awesome too ! haha

Keep it hot :]

Mr. Fresh Daily said...

I feel you CT
If I had to wake up next to her every morning, I would probably forget about my career for a minute too !

LoL I'ma def keep it hot for you Hip !

Thomas said...

lol thas my favorite episode like shyt too