Thursday, April 16, 2009

Honda , Lexus to Rover ??

I want one..preferably the 2010 model ( Maybe an early b-day gift?! )
I kinda wanted the Porsche Cayenne, but the 2010 UPGRADED Range Rover has won me over !

Land Rover's updated 2010MY models include a more sumptuous Range Rover, now packing Jaguar's new supercharged V8. We've seen the new Discovery 4 and 2010MY Range Rover Sport, but now its time for the big daddy: the Range Rover gets a subtle facelift, most obvious in the headlamps, but its internal overhaul is comprehensive to say the least. You wouldn't know it on sight, but Range Rover claims 1,420 new parts for the update, all of which are designed to make it even more refined, quieter and more sumptuous. The cabin gets a refresh including nicer woods (a choice of six new varieties) and softer leathers, and the Rangie now boasts a full 12 inches in the cockpit - the biggest LCD screen on any production car, apparently. It's capable of split screen too. Land Rover claims the changes equate to the quietest and most refined Range Rover experience ever, with minimal road, wind and transmission noise.

There's still a new supercharged V8 though, capable of the same time warping acceleration as the Sport can muster, which is possibly even more surprising in a car with no sporty pretentions whatsoever. However, 19mpg is the price you'll pay (if you're lucky), so most buyers will opt for the 3.6-litre TDV8, which can reach a heady 25mpg, spitting out 294g/km of CO2. And like the others, the Rangie too gets better dampers - adaptable Bilstein items - and the new terrain response system. Land Rover demands that all its cars have genuine off-roading ability, so to that end the Range Rover can tackle slopes of up to 45 degrees and tilt 35 degrees one way or the other. You can insert your own disparaging 'school run' remark here if you like.



Stingy Puss said...

Range is fierce....!

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