Monday, March 9, 2009

She match my fly...

Jus pix of couples I look up to.

I want what they have..not the money && fame ( well, that too! ) but the Flyy Love that all of these power couples have. The dude is on top of his game...his chick is on her iish too...They would be big without each other, but together they're MAJOR. When they walk the streetz, people stop && stare cuz their diddybop is CRAZY !! They may mask their true feelings and emotions with all of the flyy clothes, but through it all, they make it thru && continue to strive for that "fairytale" life together.

{ I'm on some SUPA soft iish right now ( LoL ) but its just my current state of mind }

Honestly, Who doesn't wanna be like the O-Beezy's ?! LoL

They're STUPID flyy..Peep Ye's Raf Simons joints..uuuugggghhh !!

The Carter's ( Can't go wrong with Doom's && a Roc chain! )

" We gettin Simmons Monneeeey "

So "Nice" with it !


Nise Monet said...

this is so cute ♥

oh and thnx for following love.
ur blog is awesome =]

Mr. Fresh Daily said...

No prob.. I appreciate the love too !!