Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Youngest In Charge !

I got hip to "Wheelchair Jimmy" about a year ago when he dropped his 2nd mixtape
{ Comeback Season }

Ever since BigBro iiRZ popped in the album, Drake has been mentioned in my top rapper category. Dude raps, sings, acts && he's fly..He's just like me...minus the raping...&& the singing......&& the acting !! LoL..It took FOREVER, but he FINALLY got signed. He should've went to Def Jam, but he ended up at Atlantic.

Check out the interview Drake did w/ eighty81 right after his 3rd mixtape {So Far Gone} was released .

Hustler Watch: Drake from Eighty81 on Vimeo.


Treasure said...

Yeah Drake is dope...I've been on his proverbial "bandwagon" 4 a minute and I am still happily riding it...*pausing and rolling my eyes @ the connotation that I created*...*getting over it* LOL Anyway, I think that signing with Atlantic was the best choice for him. I figured that he'd go with them anyway since he is friends with and does sooo many collabos with Trey Songz...It makes sense for them to just go 'head and be label mates. I just hope he gets the exposure and marketing that he deserves...Lord knows they slack on Trey in that area...

Mr. Fresh Daily said...

I agree with you 100% && I think now that he's signed, the sound of hip-hop is going to change dramatically .

Thanx for ya comment !!