Friday, February 20, 2009

What went thru my head...

Sometimes I wish I could just run away

Like, literally..RUN there
Fatigue wouldn't be a factor because I have such a desire to get to this place that the adrenaline rush would get me there without any problems

A place where no one knows my name

A place where there are people..who I don't see every time I log into Facebook or Myspace...or outside of my house

A place where money didn't control happiness

A place where you don't need headphones for you iPod because there's a "Secret Place Radio" that plays...sounds come from the sky...&& everyone can listen/groove to the same song

A place , like in movies...&& picture frames...where there is nothing around but you, the ocean && the sunset

A place of serenity, I guess...

But until I find the right compass...I'm stuck on this faulty place we call earth !

Don't mind me...I'm just venting...

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