Thursday, February 5, 2009

Only in America....

I saw this on GMA yesturday..I'm a day late on the post, but I feel this is something people need to see. This is a CRAZY world that we live in...all done with no remorse...What is wrong with people today??

For attorney and author John West, his parents were lifelong sources of comfort, wisdom and pride.

Attorney John West talks about his book "TheLast Goodnights."

But West has been keeping a 10-year-old secret about his parents from everyone, including his two sisters, which he is revealing for the first time in a memoir called "The Last Goodnights."

West helped his terminally ill parents commit suicide, a crime in the state of California, where the deaths took place. In revealing his actions, West acknowledges he could face prosecution.

"I'm hopeful that that won't occur, but there is the possibility," West said in an interview that aired on "Good Morning America" today. "The statute of limitations for assisted suicide has run [out] but the prosecutors can charge you with just about anything. There is no statute of limitation for murder, for manslaughter, probably certain drug offenses."

West said that helping his parents to die was something he had to do out of love and, if given the choice, he'd do it again.

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