Sunday, July 27, 2008

From Nothing to Something....

December 31, 2007...

I saw a quote that gave me motivation
" Dream as if you'll live forever, but live like you'll die tomorrow"

After reading that quote, I told myself that 2008 was going to be MY year

365 days of living everyday to the fullest...

{ No regrets }
{ If it something you want, don't stop until it's yours }
{ Make yourself better than you were yesterday }

I was living this "year-long dream", but once I realized life was getting better...
( physically, and also mentally )
I became content and began to settle for BETTER, instead of continuing to strive for BEST

A couple of people have noticed a changed in my attitude, decision making, everyday ambitions as well as the way I dress.

I seem to take life more serious now

I've always had high hopes and dreams, but now I see I never gave the extra effort necessary to make them reality

You have to dream big to be big, and mediocre is no longer acceptable

Graduating WITH honors is a future goal I set for myself this year

This is a desire that I WILL NOT stop until I inquire.

Throughout the year, I've humbled myself, some what, and now I realize that the things you take for granted, are sometimes the things that are most important in life

Is this the maturation I needed?


Now I know my capabilities, and that no one can stop ME but ME

This road has not been an easy one to travel and I lost sight of my ultimate goal for a minute, but...

My road to success is always under construction!

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