Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally Found My Mojo.....

So...many of you who know me
Know that this past week I was without my "Crack"berry


The first few days were mas confusion
I had no clue what to do with my life
BUT, after a couple days...
I realized I had the choice of when I wanted to talk to people
(via facebook, myspace, etc...)
After I came to that conclusion
It was all peace && serenity after that

During this past week I've done a lot of thinking
About the past..the present..&& how to better my future
I did a lot of reading
Yup...READING!!...with an actual book!!!

I found a few of my flaws
Slowly, but surely, I can feel myself turning into a better man

I even feel better in my clothes
(Not like I didn't feel that way already)
But now its more confidence, instead of arrogance!

Now that I have my brand new 'Berry
Hopefully I can still live this stressless life!!

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